Medical Cannabis

Medical Cannabis Establishment License Checklist

Medical Cannabis Dispensary License applications will be available via the City’s electronic medical cannabis licensing system no later than July 2022.

The following information must accompany an application for review. The application will not be considered complete until all documents have been received.

  • Legal name of business and physical address (No P.O. Box allowed)
  • Deed of Trust, Lease Agreement, or Contingent Agreement, if applicable
  • Land Survey by a Mississippi-licensed surveyor proving that the main entrance of the dispensary is not within 1,000 feet of a school, church, or childcare facility's nearest property boundary line
  • Waiver of Minimum Distance Requirements (childcare, school, church), if applicable
  • A "to scale" rendering of the floor plan of the proposed licensed premises including the defined boundaries of the premises and a scaled floor plan sketch of all enclosed areas with clear identification of the main entrance, walls, all areas of ingress and egress, and all limited access areas
  • A "to scale" site plan reflecting all structures and boundaries of the proposed licensed premises
  • An elevation drawing or rendering of the exterior of the proposed licensed premises
  • Operation plan

For Dispensaries

The plan must demonstrate how the applicant’s proposed premises and business will comply with applicable laws and rules regarding employee qualifications, including background checks and training, record-keeping systems; hours of operation; preventing non-cardholders under the of 21 from entering the licensed premises; and preventing non-cardholders from obtaining or attempting to obtain any items sold by the dispensary.

For Medical Cannabis Cultivation & Processing Facilities

The plan must demonstrate the facilities employment practices that include a plan of action to inform, hire, and educate minorities, women, veterans, and persons with disabilities, engage in fair labor practices and provide employee protections; record-keeping systems; hours of operation; preventing diversion of cannabis and/or cannabis products; types and quantities of cannabis products that will be produced at the cannabis processing facility; methods of processing cannabis and/or cannabis products; inventory control and tracking; procedures for proper labeling and packaging; transportation of cannabis and/or cannabis products; and disposal of cannabis waste.

Security Plan

The plan must list the measures that will be taken by the medical cannabis establishment to ensure that medical cannabis products are properly secured and safe. It shall include information relating to surveillance systems, camera placement, door security, alarm systems, and measures taken to secure manners of egress and ingress onto the premises.