Public Works

The Public Works Department is responsible for the daily operation of the city’s:

  • Cemeteries
  • Drainage
  • Maintenance Shop
  • Right-of-Ways
  • Streets


These responsibilities include:

  • four stormwater pumping stations
  • 70 miles of storm sewers
  • 125 miles of streets
  • 2,000 catch basins
  • A large acreage of land to maintain vegetation within the corporate limits of Cleveland
  • Numerous miles of ditches and canals
  • Traffic signals
  • Traffic signs
  1. Cemetery Division
  2. Grounds Keeping Division
  3. Public Works Administration
  4. Shop Division
  5. Street Division
  6. Traffic Calming Policy

The City of Cleveland owns and operates four cemeteries. The Cemetery Division, under the management of Benji Morgan, sees the daily operation, burials, arrangements, and locations in all city cemeteries. The four city cemeteries in operation at this time are:

  • New Cleveland Cemetery - Located at the corner of Rosemary Road and N Bayou Road
  • North Cleveland Cemetery - Located further north along N Bayou Road from New Cleveland Cemetery
  • Old Cleveland Cemetery - Located on the west side of Jones Bayou at Cemetery Drive
  • Westlawn Memorial Gardens - Located on Mullins Road

Plot Fees

Notice of Increase

As part of the approved Fiscal Year End 2020 budget, the listed cemetery fees will increase effective October 1, 2019:

  • Opening and Closing fee during the week: $375
  • Opening and Closing fee during the weekend: $450
  • Plot cost where the deceased lived in Cleveland: $650
  • Plot cost where deceased lived outside Cleveland: $750